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Trees and shrubs add value to your property

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Trees and shrubs add value to your property

First impressions are everything, and curb appeal is an immeasurable asset to your property. Trees and shrubs add value to your property. Well-managed trees and shrubs can save you dollars. Protecting and maintaining them saves you the future cost of removals and replacements. Tree and shrub maintenance expenditures are a wise investment because you can improve their health and appearance, while adding long-term value to your property. Tree Medic’s arborists are certified by the administering body of the tree industry, the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), therefore, we offer you quality, knowledgeable service. Our efficient methods will offer you this quality at a value that will ensure your investment is growing.

Poorly kept landscapes reflect poorly on the business


When trees on a building site are not protected, they can be severely injured or lost.  The cost of removing dead or damaged trees and replacing them can increase construction costs, while decreasing property values.  Budgeting to protect and maintain viable trees increases property value that continues to increase over time.

 These trees have been taken care of over the years and reflect a positive, well maintained business.

What is considered “proper” maintenance? How do I know what company will be able to provide quality care for my landscape? And for my trees?

Proper maintenance of trees and shrubs includes 4 main areas of focus:

·       Proper pruning

·       Pest/disease control

·       Proper nutrition

·       Proper irrigation

Proper pruning of trees ensures health, signage/storefront visibility, reduction of hazards to people & property and ensures that the trees grow up into their natural size/shape. Tree Medics has pruning programs that achieve these goals, while improving the health of the plants. Pest/disease control ensures that there are little to no “unsightly” plants on the property and helps reduce potential hazards to those visiting your business. Pest control programs are inexpensive and help avoid problems in the future. Proper nutrition ensures healthy plants that improve the aesthetics of your property. Feeding your plants will help to ensure that they remain strong, vigorous and have a desirable appearance. Proper irrigation is essential. Too much water, or not enough water, causes many of the problems we see on commercial properties. Irrigation schedules need to be altered according to changes in many factors, such as: weather, type of plant, seasonal changes or the presence of certain pests or diseases. 


Our certified arborist can develop a tree preservation plan for a property before construction begins, in order to reduce the loss of valuable trees. However, in many instances, a certified arborist is called in after the first signs of a tree's health decline have appeared. There are some remedial treatments that may save some construction damaged trees. Our arborists asses the viability and potential hazards and recommend treatments. Call or visit Tree Medics today for a free evaluation of your property. We will design a cost effective program that will maintain the aesthetics of your business or home for years to come.
Tree Medics

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