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Identifying Signs of Stress or Decline in Your Trees

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                          Identifying Signs of Stress or Decline in Your Trees


The Tampa Bay area is rich in trees.  Nearly every homeowner has at least one or more trees in their yard and many commercial businesses have multiple trees on their properties.  Many trees are healthy and beautiful, but unfortunately some are not. Too often a Tampa tree service company is called in to remove a tree due to pests, diseases or storm damage. However, in many cases that tree could have been saved or the problem avoided altogether.  The best chance your tree may have for survival, as with your pets, is by early detection and accurate diagnosis.  

Certified Arborists may assist you in both areas, but how would you know that you needed to ask?  How would you know what signs to observe? Here are some tips to help you detect some typical tree health issues.  The more obvious symptoms are visible on the trunk:

·      Damaged or missing bark.

·      Saw dust or powder present.

·      Sap “bleeding.”

·      Multiple “pinholes.”

·      Torn or missing roots at base.

       tree medics                          tree medics
"Bleeding" sap from Pine beetle infestation           Dieback from the tips of twigs indicates severe decline

Other signs that are found higher in the crown that may require closer inspection are:

·      Dieback at twig tips.

·      Yellowing foliage during growing season.

·      Dead/broken branches.

·      Webs on foliage.

·      Spots on foliage
tree medics                           tree medics                                   Leaf spot caused by Apple scab fungus                 Yellowing of Lemon tree foliage from nutrient imbalance

  As you can see from the pictures, there are many different symptoms that can be easily noticed, but they may not be readily identified. Having Tree Medics’ Certified Arborists visit your property will insure proper & accurate identification of the symptoms on your trees. We can then give a diagnosis & treatment plan to help your trees recover as quickly as possible. Hollow places anywhere on the tree trunk &/or branches can indicate a weak spot prone to failure with the potential to cause property damage. A thorough inspection of your trees is recommended on an annual basis.   

Upon noticing any of the signs mentioned above, it is best to have an arborist inspect the tree as soon as possible.  This will ensure the best possible chance of your trees’ survival.  Tree Medics tree care Tampa Bay provides professional inspection of your trees free of charge.  We will be working in your neighborhood in the upcoming months, and will be available to inspect your trees, or if you would like to contact us sooner, please call (941) 677-2679 to schedule an appointment or visit our website @ 


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