Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Maintain your trees on Commercial Properties

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There seems to be a big problem keeping trees alive in these areas. I've seen several properties with declining or dying trees. Most of them are young trees, just planted within the past 2-4 years. Landscape companies do not have the understanding of trees that a Certified Arborist does and, therefore, proper care is not being given.

I know several landscapers and even they will tell you they don't know much about trees. However, they include the trees in their bids because they know that no one knows the difference. They bid the work cheaply, then only remove 2-3 small branches from the lowest section of the tree.? "Trimming" or "limbing" is not PRUNING!

That's not tree care! That's simply creating a giant shrub on a tall stick, if it lives!? Now the tree has become prone to disease and major branch failure. Not to mention the tree has been dwarfed and will never grow into it's true form or height.  Eventually, most of these trees will die, due to any of several factors, such as: poor irrigation, pests, diseases, girdling roots and trunk/root damage  from mechanical sources. 

Tree Medics also offers 10 YEAR Tree Warranties! When we plant a tree, it's guaranteed for a decade! 
Can your "landscaper" do that???

Suffering a slow, unsightly death!

They have been left standing dead for years!

Improper branch structure encourages crowding within the crown that becomes a breeding ground for pests/diseases. Would you like to see how you could be saving money on your trees AND create appreciation in property value? Tree Medics offers Tree Care Management Plans that save money and reduce risks. Long-term costs are lower and the improved aesthetics of your landscape will make a HUGE difference in the value of your property.The following trees have been properly pruned over several years:

Open crowns, good branch spacing. HEALTHY.
Visibility is enhanced, wind resistance is minimized. HEALTHY.

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email - info@treemedicsfl.com

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