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Would you like to save money on your landscape over the long-term?

Would you like to save money on your landscape over the long-term? 
Begin by properly caring for your trees in the early stages.

Like a new pet, new trees require special care during their first years - from planting through adolescence. Often, an early "Tree Care Maintenance Plan" will cost less, result in a more beautiful landscape, provide countless benefits and reduce costly risk hazards in the future.

Proper planting will help reduce many of the problems that Commercial Property Owners/Managers face in:
  • Tree loss/replacement costs 
  • Costs of attempting to correct pest, disease issues
  • Poor root health, the leading cause of tree disorders 
The roots cannot be visually inspected and therefore, problems cannot be detected and/or corrected. A Certified Arborist may be able to detect some root issues, however, they are not able to see everything without excavating the root zone. We have the proper equipment to insure that excavation of smaller trees is relatively inexpensive and very effective. 

Among the many issues found during the excavation of a declining tree's root zone are: Girdling roots that choke-out the tree's main trunk or other roots, broken/severed roots damaged during installation or construction (utilities) or other mechanical damage as well as fungus and other diseases.

If the tree first tree at top is planted "as is", it will probably end up like the following 2 pictures. Wouldn't you want to avoid this type of issue?
Trees cannot be planted with girdling roots

This may have been avoided….

This tree “seemed” healthy in the top

When a tree is properly pruned for structural integrity, it grows upright much more quickly than just "limbing up" (which causes foliage to grow like a shrub). It will be much stronger and able to resist wind/storms without breakage. Proper structure pruning is performed occasionally over a period of  several years (usually 5-10). The amount of work is generally minimal, so the cost of having this done is very low. Just 3-5 prunings in 10 years is usually sufficient to create a finished tree structure.Tree Medics has long-term plans available to fit your budget as well as short-term plans to help save existing trees.

Proper structure  pruning will help reduce:
  • The possibility of branch failure
  • Pest/disease  issues
  • Improve clearance over drives/walkways
  • Enhance visibility for signage/frontage.  

Again, like a new pet, trees are subject to many life-threatening issues that can easily go undetected and result in added costs, for example:
  • Loss of the tree
  • Replacement
  • Contribute to an unsightly landscape. 
Most cities have tree ordinances in place to regulate the care of trees and ensure they are being properly maintained. In addition, enforcement of tree ordinances may result in fines and penalties for disregarding your trees health.

Establishing a Tree Care Management Plan with Tree Medics will:
  • Help to ensure that recurring, problematic and expensive  tree costs are minimized or avoided 
Consider the long-term picture of your landscape(s).

Your property(ies) will have mature trees that are healthy and happy for many years to come.

They will require very low maintenance and you will have very few, if any, problems.

Larger, well-structured trees have stronger branching, much wider shade canopy, lower potential for pests/diseases and will display your landscape as one of the premier properties around.

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