Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Care for your trees

Regular feedings, trips to the Vet, grooming & general healthcare are all a part of being a pet owner. We have to do all of these things for our pets because we, as humans, have taken them out of their natural habitat & domesticated them. The only difference between your trees & your pets is that instead of removing trees from their natural habitat we have moved into their habitat & dramatically altered it through residential/commercial construction. The trees no longer have the ability to care for themselves.

You wouldn’t dream of releasing your pet into the wild, right? Yet, without adopting & domesticating your tree, you are doing just that, aren’t you? The good news is that trees require much less maintenance than pets. Instead of a Vet, Certified Arborists , or tree doctors, care for your trees. Have Tree Medics take care of your trees, so they can enjoy long, healthy lives. Our next generation will be very glad you did.

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