Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Who is Tree Medics?

             Greater Tampa Bay Area - 941-677-2679
Tree Medics specializes in the Diagnosis, Treatment, Maintenance and Prevention of Pest, Disease and Disorder Issues. These services are performed through a wide variety of techniques that are specific to the tree and to the site. 
As a Certified Arborist, David and his staff of tree care experts are committed to providing customers with exceptional service and "one stop shopping" for all of your tree, shrub and lawn care needs.
Residential & Commercial Services Include:
  • Soil Revitalization
  • Vertical Mulching
  • Root Zone Aeration
  • Tree Revitalization
  • Pest/Disease Treatments with:
Chemical Sprays
Soil Injections
  • New Plantings - install & maintain
  • Structure Pruning to train young trees
  • Root Pruning & root barriers to prevent root growth to landscaped areas.
  • Root/Tree Zone Barricade for construction areas.
  • Maintenance of construction area trees
  • Municipal Tree Ordinance Compliance
  • Maintenance Programs - Short & Long term care for optimal tree health.

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